2015 Nunn-Perry Award Winner

Representatives from FWG Solutions were invited to Atlanta, Georgia to participate in the three-day Mentor Protégé Conference/ Nunn Perry Awards Ceremony in which they were presented with a well-deserved award, and gained the opportunity to network with other growing small businesses and government representatives. On receiving the Nunn-Perry award, FWG President & CEO, Nshokano Katabana had this to say to a group of folks during the award ceremony: “I am deeply honored to be here in Atlanta to accept this prestigious award on behalf of my many colleagues at FWG Solutions. It is truly humbling for us at FWG to be recognized for the support that we provide to the Department of Defense and our warfighters. At FWG, we have a saying – ‘Driven by Technology and Powered by Experience’ The diversity of thoughts and ideas within FWG is what keeps us at the leading edge of technology and allows us to develop solutions that differentiates us from many other growing small businesses.