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Quality is at the heart of every corporate decision, client project and team effort that FWG Solutions delivers. FWG Solutions prides itself in weaving quality considerations into its technical methodologies and corporate practices to ensure consistent and expert delivery of services to all FWG Solutions clients.

To this end, FWG Solutions has devoted an entire division of its corporate infrastructure to Quality Control. The implementation and management of FWG Solutions’ quality-based practices are firmly rooted in internationally recognized standards and controls, namely that of the International Organization of Standardization (“ISO”). However, these endeavors are more than mere opportunities to acquire certifications and affiliations. FWG Solutions has committed itself to the adherence of strict standards that foster continual improvement in all internal and external operations.

In 2015, FWG successfully completed ISO 20000-1:2011 Information Technology Service Management and ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management certification process.